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Festival Sponsored by the Ghost Mountain Council of Elders

The inspiration for the Ghost Mountain Riders Motorcycle Club began in 1982, on a ridge high in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Three guys were sittin' around one drunken/smokey evening, talkin' about the ancient Indian burial grounds and the legends of the ghosts haunting the mountains. From that inspiration was born the legend of the riders from Ghost Mountain.

The Club began to sponsor the event in 1990, as a motorcycle run known as The First Daze O' Summer, and it has been held at the beginning of summer for the last 25 years. It was a single day event that always seemed to spill over to the next day. This year the event is sponsored by the Ghost Mountain Council of Elders and will be three days long. The name has been changed to The First Daze O' Summer Music & Motorcycle Festival. Music will begin on Friday afternoon and continue until Sunday morning.

The traditional motorcycle run has been changed to a motorcycle "pack ride", approximately 100 miles through the Santa Cruz Mountains and surrounding areas. Historic and traditional local "watering holes" will be visited to insure your "steel horses" are well watered and fed. The ride will depart Camp Krem at 12 noon on Saturday, May 2nd, and return the same day at about 2:30 p.m. in time to partake in the traditional biker games.

For the first time, this year overnight tent camping will be allowed. As with past years, a limited number of cabins are available. For an additional cost over that of admission and/or camping, a dinner will be hosted on Friday and Saturday nights, and a traditional pancake breakfast provided on Saturday and Sunday morning. To purchase tickets for the event, as well as shirts, event pins, and other such things, you must first register, then log in and follow the link in the header "Purchase Event Tickets & Merchandise".

The Counsel, and the Ghost Mountain Riders MC, hope you thoroughly enjoy this year's event, wish you a save journey to and from the Camp, and look forward to building a long lasting relationship with you in the future. We are looking forward to riding with you, laughing and joking with you, listening to great live music and partying with you, and helping you to have a pleasant and peaceful experience in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains.

Mi Vida Loca.

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